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Best Water Flosser 2019

I know you are thinking why to choose water flosser when you can use the traditional method of using strings or threads. You can get all of your answers in this post.

Imagine yourself at a party or at a business meeting or maybe you are going on your first date with your crush. How will you start your conversation with them? Obviously, You greet them with a smile.Read More

Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits You Must Know About

Green Tea Benefits for Men and Women

When it comes to health there are tons of Green tea benefits that will boost your inner health and makes you fit from the inside.

Because of its high antioxidant properties, it acts as a healthy alternative to coffee, sodas, tea, and other caffeinated beverages.Read More

Best green tea brands for weight loss - Healthsnag

Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss in 2019 [Updated]

Before you know what are the Best Green Tea brands for weight loss let’s get into the topic of why green tea is healthier.

Green Tea is a Healthy alternative to tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks that are available in the market. If your focus is to lose weight fast you can add Green Tea in your daily diet regimen.

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Forward Head Posture Effects - Sitting at Desk

What is a Forward Head Posture? How you can improve it

What is a forward head posture?

Forward Head Posture generally occurred due to weak muscles of the neck, back and shoulders which is caused due to using bad forms while sitting, sleeping or driving etc. In this condition, Head is out then it’s normal state or comes forward an inch or two than where it is used to be. Forward Head Posture effects can be serious and can also negatively impact your day to day life.Read More

reverse Forward Head Posture

What muscles are affected by forward head posture?

What are the muscles that hold your head up? How to reverse Forward Head Posture

Is it possible to reverse your Forward Head Posture, of course, yes but first know what are the muscles that hold your head up these are the muscles that kept your head straight. The major muscles in your back such as (Extensor and Trap Muscles) and the front area of your chest called (Flexor Muscles) are the muscles that hold your head up. If any weaknesses cause in these major muscles they can’t support the weight of your head which can cause Forward Head Posture problem.Read More

Correct Forward Head Posture Fast

How long does it take to correct Forward Head Posture

Is forward head posture correctable?

Correct Forward head Posture: Forward Head Posture is an alignment problem of your neck, chest and shoulder area which is easily be corrected by using several Braces/Devices or by the help of physician and chiropractors.Read More

Treatment to fix Forward Head Posture fast

Treatment to fix Forward Head Posture fast – Before and After

What are the treatments for Forward Head Posture?


Treatment to fix Forward Head Posture Fast: Forward Head Posture can affect your overall personality and makes you feel uncomfortable in front of the crowds. In this technology era where people spent most of their time on their cell phones and on laptops and spent less time exercising outdoors. This Front Head Posture problem now becomes very common among the millennial and the adult’s young ones. The main cause of Forward Head Posture is using bad postures while texting or working on the laptop or sitting in front of the TVs for a long period of time etc. But don’t worry if you have a hump on the back of your neck there are many treatments available today that will fix your problem real fast.Read More

Forward Head Fix - Healthsnag

Top 10 Exercises to correct Forward Head Posture – Healthsnag

      What is Forward Head Posture and How to fix it – Top 10 Exercises for Correction

Forward head posture is not something you just take lightly it can have a major impact on your overall fitness levels, Neck muscles, and also affects your overall lifting capability in the gym.

A Forward Head Posture is where your head extends forward over the Atlas vertebra on which your heads relaxes on. Forward Head Posture not only affects your athletic performances but also it causes Migraine, Arthritis, shoulder and neck pain and many other problems which may cause you a big discomfort every day.Read More