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What is a Forward Head Posture? Forward Head Postures effects

What is a forward head posture?

Forward Head Posture generally occurred due to weak muscles of the neck, back and shoulders which is caused due to using bad forms while sitting, sleeping or driving etc. In this condition, Head is out then it’s a normal state or comes forward an inch or two then where it is used to be. Forward Head Posture effects can be serious and can also negatively impact your day to day life.

These are the common Forward Head Postures effects on the body

  1. Numbness in hands and arms
  2. Improper Breathing
  3. Depression
  4. Memory problem
  5. Stress
  6. Negative Self-esteem
  7. Chronic pain
  8. Pinched Nerves
  9. Behavioural problems
  10. Can also affect brain function

These are some of the effects of Hunchback Posture on body Know Forward Head Posture Symptoms

Do You Know what muscles are used when you nod your head yes?
Ans When Lowering Down your Chin – sternocleidomastoid Muscles, longus colli, longus capitis
          When Raising your chin – trapezius and splenius muscles

How can I fix my Neck Posture?

You can fix your neck and reduce the chances of Forward head Posture effects on your body. You need to do exercise that strengthens your neck, back and shoulder muscles which includes your flexor and traps muscles that help in holding your head up and straight.

Some of the exercises are:-

  • Chin Tuck
  • Chin Tuck against gravity
  • Iso matrix front neck exercise
  • Neck stretch
  • Chin Tuck with Thera Band

There are many other types of exercises you can read here about it.

Along with these exercises, You can also use braces and devices that are specifically made to reverse Forward head posture effects.
But make sure to do these exercises 1-2 times a day on a regular basis if you seriously want to get rid of that ugly looking hump on the back of your neck.

What muscle moves the upper limbs?
: The shoulder muscles: Pectoralis major and Deltoid

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