reverse Forward Head Posture

What muscles are affected by forward head posture?

What are the muscles that hold your head up? How to reverse Forward Head Posture

Is it possible to reverse your Forward Head Posture, of course, yes but first know what are the muscles that hold your head up these are the muscles that kept your head straight. The major muscles in your back such as (Extensor and Trap Muscles) and the front area of your chest called (Flexor Muscles) are the muscles that hold your head up. If any weaknesses cause in these major muscles they can’t support the weight of your head which can cause Forward Head Posture problem.

But don’t worry if you have a hump on the back of your neck it is still reversible you just need to work hard in order to get rid of that ugly looking forward head. There are many exercises that can reverse forward head posture

What Muscles are affected by Forward Head Posture?

Muscles that are affected by Forward Head Posture are:-

  • Upper cervical extensors– longissimus capitis
    – suboccipital muscles
    – semispinalis capitis
    – splenius capitis
  • Lower cervical flexors– middle scalene muscles
    – sternocleidomastoid
    – anterior muscles

Make sure to stretch the extensors muscles and strengthen the flexor muscles which are front neck muscles. Exercising these affected muscles will surely help in reverse Forward Head Posture.

Can you correct forward head posture?

There are many exercises that strengthen your neck muscles and helps in reverse forward head posture. You can repeat these exercises numbers of time per day

  • Chin Tuck
  • Stretch the sides of your neck
  • Chin Nod
  • Neck stretch
  • Iso matrix exercise for extensor
  • Self MYO-Facial Stretch
  • Chin to chest
  • Chin Tuck with Thera Band
  • Iso matrix front neck exercise
  • Chin Tuck against gravity

Apart from exercises, there are many devices, braces and pillows available in the market that can reverse forward head posture problem fast. But you need to commit yourself to these exercises daily and avoid all the bad habits that trigger forward head posture problems such as bending your neck while texting, using bad posture while driving or sitting in front of the TV for several hours etc.

If you have serious Forward Head Posture problem you should take advice from a good physician or a chiropractor.

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